A Valentine Surprise: Big, Bad Dragon (Fated, Book 1) by Aeryn Jaden

Source: A Valentine Surprise: Big, Bad Dragon (Fated, Book 1) by Aeryn Jaden


A Valentine Surprise: Big, Bad Dragon by Aeryn Jaden #LGBT #Spotlight #RGRGiveaway

Source: A Valentine Surprise: Big, Bad Dragon by Aeryn Jaden #LGBT #Spotlight #RGRGiveaway


Got a surprise!

New Release! Yes! On the 7TH February I have a new book coming out and with it the beginning of a new series, Fated. The cover is yummy and I’m hoping the book will be too,  but I’ll let you all to be the judge of it. A thousand kisses to Dragonsfly.edits for the editing and all the support and Amara Lukas for the cover.

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What if you suddenly found yourself in a Dragon’s Lair? What would you do? Mmmm. Enjoy it, of course. Especially when the dragon is so yummy! 

Ryuu had spend his life having to explain why he likes dressing in woman’s clothes and resenting that he was different. Travelling the country with his boyfriend and working as a drag queen entertainer had been fun. Until it got old. The moving around and the boyfriend. Finding a new stable job in Boston is a godsend. He doesn’t know yet just how true is that statement is. 

Troy lives in his caves. He hardly goes out, unless his somewhat friend, Hermes, makes him. Yes, that Hermes. And Troy’s that old. And weary. He’s a naga dragon and has no time or patience for humans’ bullshit. Then he hits a human with his car and takes him home to heal. His life will never be the same. 

Will the stubborn dragon realize what treasure he had stumbled upon, with a bit of friendly help? The sex is great but is that the only think that is special about Ryuu? Even if he does open his eyes in time , Ryuu may not survive the sudden immerse in a world where dragons are venomous snake-like hunky guys and mythological gods own clubs. Especially if you mix in all the craziness an impulsive competitive brother and a scary as hell future mother-in-law.


Snowing? No. The sky was falling in the shape of microscopic symmetrical crystalline ice structures. It was beautiful, if you weren’t freezing your ass off. Ryuu felt as if he was another of those ice formations, just ambling along with the gusts of wind eerily blowing down the deserted streets. The snow was quickly piling. The only reason Ryuu’s body could still shiver and be cold opposed to already transformed to ice was the bus driver taking pity on him and giving him his old sweatshirt. ‘Frozen’ seemed to be the theme for this particular night. The streets were frozen in silence, no human in sight. The poles were frozen over, he was turning into ice and even sound seemed to have stilled all around him. Taxis weren’t working, if there were any in the quaint little town, and his boyfriend of three years wasn’t answering the phone. Ryuu was screwed in a very unpleasant way. Good thing he wasn’t the type to linger on the unpleasantness of life.

He stopped in the middle of the road, snow scattered on his hair and shoulders, making him feel buried alive in the stuff. It continued to pile everywhere, so much so Ryuu could no longer see where the sidewalk ended and the street began. Not that it mattered. He seemed to be the only one crazy enough to be out in this weather. The good part was that the snow was making him feel a bit warmer; he wasn’t shivering so hard anymore. He turned around, looking to see any lights on and maybe get some help. He had heard people in small towns usually were kinder and he hoped someone would take pity on him and not let him freeze to death. It all looked the same and now he didn’t know which direction he had come from. There had been a light on, near the bus stop. Which way had been the bus stop?

So pretty. The snow was coming down harder and it was even more difficult to see. Ryuu stopped completely and turned his face up, watching the ice falling down to earth, the streetlamps’ glow making the particles shine like diamonds. Sticking his tongue out, he chased the big ones, remembering when his parents had let him and Rei play in the snow. He hadn’t thought about that in a very long time. He did now, and it didn’t hurt as it used to. Maybe it was because of nature’s magic. Ryuu could feel it was a special night, though his childhood stories about special nights involved a lot of scary Japanese legends. Ryuu had never believed those. Even if spirits did come out to play some nights, they’d not be as evil and mangled as those stories made them. Magic was too beautiful to be evil. Or, maybe, Ryuu was purely delusional and currently freezing to death in a whiteout.

His eyes blinded by a sudden flash, he froze in place, certain something was about to happen. It was, after all, a special night like that.

He was right. The car sped towards him and skidded on a patch of black ice hidden by the new layer of snow. Fortunately, the hit wasn’t direct. Ryuu’s eyes blinked unseeing, the noise clamoring in his head too much to make sense of anything. He soon found out what was happening when a hard object pushed him up and threw him in the air to land some three feet away from where he had been standing frozen, like a deer in the headlights, in the middle of the road. Luckily, the snow had piled up enough to build snowdrifts right around where Ryuu landed after his short and sudden flight.

* * * *

“You almost broke my present.”

“Shut up, Hermes. You’re not to speak to me for the next century or so.”

“But, then, how will you thank me?”

“Are you an idiot? I could’ve killed him! And you don’t ‘gift’ human beings!”

The enraged shout penetrated the void enveloping Ryuu’s mind and he felt his leg move as if during sleep.

“Why not? It’s not as if it’s the first time. Well, it is for you but I did this before.”

“Go away. Talking with you is like hitting my head against a brick wall.”

“Um? Painful and stupid? Hey! I resent that!”

Ryuu groaned at the jarring shout and tried to open his eyes. Not working yet, it seemed.

“He’s coming around.”

“I sure hope so. I never killed a human that didn’t deserve it. But, then again, I’m not sure he doesn’t, considering he was stupid enough to sit in the middle of the street and not duck a truck.”

“He’s human and it’s snowing pretty hard. He may be “weather afflicted” or something. You know how strange and fragile they are.”

“He’s also awake and listening to all we’re saying.”



“Spread your legs.”

“Oh, god! Say that again, I think I just came in my pants.”

“Not yet, not without me. Now, spread them.”

He moans and complies. The change comes with the added bonus of feeling Troy’s hardness press down on his swollen dick and this time he does almost come from the friction. Letting the rest of his weight down, Troy starts to slowly circle his hips and push down.

“Gawd! What are you doing to me?”

“Mmmm. Trojan. Say my name. Scream it.”

Um. Okay. But, then again, the guy has the technique to make Ryuu scream it, so…still. Trojan? He starts to laugh uncontrollably and sadly all movement in the southern hemisphere comes to a halt.

“Why are you laughing?”

“Not”—hiccup—“your fault”—another snort of laughter—“big guy.”

Somehow, Troy isn’t buying it.

“Okay.” Ryuu takes a calming breath, by now wanting nothing more than to beat his own ass for interrupting their session of heavy petting.

“Your name. Trojan? It seemed funny. Especially when you wanted me to scream it instead of god.” He snorts again, then gives up and lets loose another bout of laughter.

“Don’t get me wrong. You’re a terrific guy, really nice from what I’ve seen so far. And really nice to look at. You also seem to have the moves to back up all that “modest” ego you got going there but, really, dude? And Trojan? What were your parents smoking when they named you Trojan and your brother Python? Or thinking off? Condoms and sex toys?”

Troy’s face is an interesting study of mixed emotions. For a moment, Ryuu fears he has gone too far, as he usually does when he lets his mouth get the better of him. Then the most miraculous thing of all night—well, almost morning by now—happens. More incredulous than almost freezing and being saved by a beefy macho man who proves to be a gentle giant in disguise—with few words to speak but louder actions. More than having that same guy respond to Ryuu’s stupid impulse of kissing his sensual lips which have been driving him crazy from first sight. Troy doesn’t get offended by his bad-timed sense of humour. Nope. The guy’s aquamarine eyes slowly light up as his, reddened from their kisses, lips quirk up and slowly two twin dimples make their appearance on the chiselled cheeks. Ryuu feels faint and weak in the knees. Luckily, he’s still on the table. Under Troy.

“You’re a peculiar human. Damn be Hermes and his plans!”

The ‘peculiar human’ doesn’t get the change to wonder about that as Troy gets right back to it, starting, of course, with Ryuu’s sensitive neck. His hips begin their gyratory move again, the friction harsher than before but still not enough. He opens his mouth to suggest they get some of their clothes out of the way but it proves unnecessary when a cool hand travels up his abdomen and pinches harshly on his pebbled right nipple. Another, slightly cold, hand makes short work of Ryuu’s zipper and pulls him out. He moans and gasps for air.

“Not laughing anymore, are you? Ready to scream my name yet?”

Dare? Ryuu likes a good dare.

“You wish… TROJAN!” Ryuu bellows as Troy wraps his mouth around Ryuu’s throbbing dick.

Troy doesn’t even mind the muffled laugh, it only adds to the vibrations traveling up his cock to settle in his ball sack. Ryuu’s back arches off the table, pushing his dick further in Troy’s peculiarly cool mouth. The contrast between that chilliness and the way Ryuu’s skin is practically boiling, makes Ryuu trash and whimper. He needs…he wants…


Troy leaves his dick pulsing and Ryuu growling with frustration.

“Hmm, I think I like the taste of you. Maybe I’ll think about keeping you for a while.”

The guy could still talk? Ryuu wasn’t having that! He pulled Troy up by his ears, more because he surprises the guy than overpower him. Feeling all parts align nicely, he gets his hands down and dirty. Oh, yeah! That’s the sound he wants to hear.

Gotta love dragons…Books all ready to pre-order. Enjoy!

BTW, that’s the title for the next book in the series, Gotta love dragons :)))


Guest Post and New Hot Book Release!

We have today Sarah Marsh with exciting news! Her 4th book in the Coalition Mates series is released today, October 13 and you’ll see why I say exciting… Just read the excerpts. The book is hot, hot, yummy. Lol. I’ll leave Sarah to better present her book: 

Do you ever wonder if there is other life out there in the Universe? Do you ever fantasize what that life may be like? What they might look like or the planets they might live on? How similar or different they might be from us?

The fourth book in my Coalition Mates series, Surrender, is all about confronting your past and your fears. You’d think that being abducted by aliens would scare any woman, but Sally is prepared to deal with that….it’s when one very sexy alien asks her to give something that she’s vowed never to give again that things get interesting!


Surrender: Coalition Mates 4

By Sarah Marsh


Seduce me with words.

Inspire me with passion.

Blind me with longing.

Break me with need.

 Bind me with love

 Sally Owens was content to spend her life hiding in plain sight, as long as no one got too close or tried to wrestle the reigns away from her that is…

When she goes out for a night on the town to troll for the new Mr. Right Now, getting kidnapped and shipped out into space was NOT what she had in mind. But above all else Sally is a survivor and she soon comes up with a plan to thrive in this new world.

Arkenon Quinn, Courtesan Guild Master on the planet of Sirus, is informed that one of the new human refugees wants to join the Courtesan Guild and he was of course curious. However, when he meets the audacious and beautiful Sally he finds himself signing up to be the one to mentor her against his better judgement. What he could never have anticipated was how quickly this fascinating creature would steal his heart and force him to do something he’s never had to do before- chase a female.

Will Sally’s painful past keep her from finding a future with the man who’s like no other she’s ever met? Or will she have the strength to place her body and soul in Arkenon’s extremely capable hands?


Buy link: http://www.bookstrand.com/book/surrender

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/sarahmarshfiction

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SM_fiction

Blog link: http://sarahmarshfiction.com/


Story Excerpt:

Sally made her way down the hall to the great room and quickly noticed that she seemed to be the last one to join. Most were speaking quietly in small groups, and a few were talking with the alien women that had rejoined them. The hyper little woman with the pink hair from earlier, however, seemed to be waiting for Sally to emerge because as soon as she spotted her, she jumped up and rushed toward her in an excited waggle that reminded Sally of a crazed squirrel looking for a place to stash her nuts.

“Hi, Sally!” the vibrating dynamo squeaked out. “So did you figure out what you’re going to do? I’m going to study marine biology! I’m so excited I could almost burst. I’ve always wanted to go to university but could never afford it back home. Isn’t this just the greatest thing that could ever happen?”

It was all Sally could do to not laugh outright at how excited the odd little woman was. Devyn was literally out of breath and panting when she finally stopped talking. The little dynamo obviously should be medicated or something to bring down the ‘perk’, but what she’d said did make Sally think about what was happening. Was this the greatest thing that could’ve happened? Obviously not. But was it the worst thing that could’ve happened to her? Sally had to take a hard look at her life as a whole. She wasn’t really leaving anything behind on Earth, no job, no family, no pet even. The only real friend that she had was Evie and she would be here with her, so there was nothing to do but adapt to her new situation as best she could. That was one thing life had taught her, you adapt or you get left behind.

“Yeah, that sounds great, Devyn. I’ve applied to enter the courtesan guild here on Sirus, so I hope it works out,” she answered, sounding much less enthusiastic than her neighbor.

“Oh.” Devyn’s eyes grew impossibly larger at that information. “That sounds exciting. I heard that the Sirotians have some sort of mind-control abilities. Guess that’s why they’re supposed to be the best at seducing people, huh? I wonder if they can teach you that?”

That was news to Sally. But she had to assume in this situation that she was no longer the smartest person in the room when it came to learning about all these alien species. Good thing they were teaching classes! But one of Sally’s hard, fast rules in life was, even if you don’t know exactly what’s going on, fake it till you make it. Uncertainty was a show of weakness that Sally had learned from a young age that she couldn’t indulge in. Predators always went for the weak or confused in the herd, and Sally wouldn’t ever be prey again.

“Well, Devyn, in my experience, as long as a man has a penis, he’s generally not that hard to seduce,” she answered with a liberal amount of sarcasm loud enough that a few of the other groups of women were chuckling when they heard her comment.

“Ladies! Please take a seat, and we will begin with your cultural and etiquette lessons. Now, there is a large amount of information to absorb, so you will be taking these classes daily for the time that you are with us, along with the curriculum for whichever career path you have chosen,” Lady Samal said as she casually went to the front of the room. It was obvious from her demeanor and grace that she had a lot of experience with speaking in front of groups.

As the rest of the women found comfortable seats on the low couches, Sally saw Caric come back into the room and speak in a low tone to the older woman. Sally couldn’t hear what was said, but clearly, whatever it was surprised Lady Samal from the look on her face. Then, when both women immediately turned to look speculatively right at her, Sally assumed Caric had just informed Lady Samal about her career choice. She couldn’t understand why it was such a big deal, but if Lady Samal was involved in the guild of her choice, she had better turn the charm on right now instead of waiting for her interview. Better safe than sorry, right?

Sally immediately put on her game face, ready to dazzle and distract with charm and charisma. Never frown. Never let them see what you’re really thinking or feeling. After all, when you put on a show, people rarely look deeper than the façade that you easily offer up. Sally could only hope that it wasn’t only human nature that adhered to the “out of sight, out of mind” adage. So with her empty bucket filled with bravado and bullshit, Sally smiled brightly, volunteered to help with any demonstrations, and absorbed as much information as she possibly could for the rest of the afternoon. As the women walked back to their rooms after their dinner meal, Sal’s face actually hurt from smiling so much. She couldn’t wait to get into her room and close the door so she could actually breathe. It was exhausting being someone else all the time. For a fleeting moment, Sally couldn’t help but wonder if this new world might be an opportunity to try to be herself for a change, but almost before the thought was done, it was replaced by all of the cruelty and disappointment that had littered her childhood. No, she couldn’t take that risk again.

Adult Excerpt:

“Are you cold, love?” he said in a low whisper as he ran the back of his fingers lightly up her arm, leaving goose bumps in their wake.

Sally had learned in one of her classes that Sirotians had a type of pheromone control that was frequently used in their seductions. Initially she’d disregarded the possible effects, thinking that she had superior self-control and it wouldn’t affect her, but as Arkenon’s warm, spicy scent became stronger and stronger, all she wanted to do was roll around in it…and on him. So much for her super self-control. Her policy of lying to everyone, including herself, was once again coming back to bite her in the ass.

“Hmm, yeah…cold. I am a little cold now that you mention it,” she answered, unable to stop the shiver that rolled down her body and settled firmly in her now-very-wet pussy.

“You can lie to us both, little one, but I can smell your desire,” he answered with a throaty low laugh. “If I were to run my hand up your thigh right now under this beautiful dress, I know I would find your pretty little pussy dripping with honey just for me.”

Sally’s legs almost buckled as she imagined him doing just that and then pushing her up against the elevator wall and fucking her hard and fast. She knew that when the doors opened and Benic stood there taking in the scene before him that she hadn’t come anywhere close to masking the look of desire on her face. Damn it! She needed to come so badly Sally was starting to shake with the lust that was overtaking her. She assumed that this overwhelming feeling could only mean that Arkenon was cheating and using his Sirotian pheromone mumbo jumbo on her, freaking cheater. But as she turned her head and saw his heavy-lidded look and felt his massive erection straining against her thigh, she thought that perhaps he was turned on enough that he’d forget their terms and just fuck her already. Might as well try, right? After all, he was still a man, and most of the men she had experience with would cut just about any corner when it came to getting a little action. Now it was time to see if she could give his self-control the little shove it needed.

“Why don’t you see for yourself then, sir?” Sally asked in a low, raspy tone as she widened her stance, inviting him to do just that.

She tried not to look away from Arkenon’s face as he slowly backed her out of the elevator and up against a wall in the foyer, but out of the corner of her eye, she could see Benic raise an eyebrow at her taunt, then smile and shake his head as he came closer to them.

* * * *

Arkenon wasn’t surprised that Sally was trying to tempt him into losing control of the situation. It was a tactical move that he’d assumed she’d mastered throughout her previous relationship history with submissive males. But he couldn’t say that he didn’t have a stronger reaction than he’d expected, making him want to dominate her even more. He had a plan, however, and he was sticking to it, and it started with Sally not keeping any secrets from him.

He pushed her back against the wall and slowly pushed her arms up above her head as he held her wrists in one of his hands, which he could see made her pulse jump.

“Benic, please see that Sally’s arms stay right where they are,” Ark said as the younger man stepped up to place his hand on Sally’s wrists.

Then he took a half step back and smiled as he saw a conflicted set of emotions run over Sally’s face. Her breathing was even more erratic, and she struggled with herself to relax and let Benic bind her. Ark could tell that she’d never let anyone restrict her movement before during foreplay or sex. Her reaction was genuine, and the dominant male in him reveled in the battle she was going through. When eventually he saw her mild panic move from confusion into lust, he was satisfied to continue, and he stepped back up to her, running his hands lightly along the sides of her breasts as he gently kissed her neck.

Sally was so distracted by his mouth that she gasped when his fingers quickly released the back of her dress and the green silk went sliding down her body. He continued to let his fingertips slowly drag up and down the sides of her chest until she was writhing in Benic’s grip.

“Please! Please touch me,” Sally said in a low whisper full of desperation that she hated to admit.

“Touch you where, Sally?” Ark asked her as he still used his fingertips to skim over first her breasts, then down her belly, and along the tops of her thighs.

“You said you wanted to touch my pussy. That’s where I need you,” she said in a whisper that had Benic, who was now standing beside her, groaning softly.

Ark could only frown and shake his head at the younger man, who’d fallen exactly into the obvious trap Sally had set. He had no doubt that if it were just the two of them here that Benic would be enthusiastically pumping balls deep between her thighs right now, giving her anything she wanted. He’d have to get Galen to work on Benic’s self-control a little more firmly. Sally’s eyes were closed, she was biting her lip in frustration, and it was a beautiful thing to behold. Ark slowly trailed his finger down her stomach, and when he got to her pussy, he had to stifle a groan himself when he found her folds soaking wet and swollen. Slipping one finger gently through the  slickness, he gave her one light pass, circling her plump clit, and then moved back to leave his hand resting on her mound, which had her squirming in Benic’s grip again.

“Arkenon, please!” she whimpered, trying to arch up into his hand.

“What happened at the end of our meal tonight that upset you, Sally?” Ark asked her as he lightly teased the pad of his finger along her drenched pussy.

When Sally stilled for a moment and frowned, he could tell she was trying to clear her head to figure out what he’d just asked her. When her face evened out again and she bit her lower lip and looked down at him, he knew what she was going to say.

“It was nothing. I’m fine. I just need you to touch me,” Sally answered, rubbing herself against him as much as she could.

“One more chance, love, will you trust me enough to tell me what changed your mood?” he pushed.

He saw the lust slowly back down in her eyes, and the determination and anger rose as she looked back at him.

“I said that I’m fine. I don’t need you to fix me, Guild Master. I only need you to fuck me. Isn’t that what you do?” she snapped back at him.

Arkenon gave her a sad look, which only seemed to fuel her anger further as she looked back at him and raised an eyebrow, daring him to ask her again.

“Wrong answer, love,” Ark sighed as he leaned back and rose to his feet. “Only trust gets rewarded here. Lies will leave you wanting.”


Author Bio:

My name is Sarah Marsh and I am a science fiction erotica writer. I’ve only been writing since last year, so I’m still fairly new to the exciting world of publishing. I love reading all sorts of different genres, but when I fell into my first paranormal series in high school (Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles) I was hooked on the supernatural and my love of science fiction grew from that same place. I’ve always been fascinated by ancient history and folklore, I find it an endless fount of creative possibilities.

I live in British Columbia, and when I’m not writing I have a ton of different hobbies that take the creative edge off. I love to knit, and to paint. I’m still working full time in an office, but I used to be a pastry chef so I do spend a lot of time cooking or baking. I love creating new recipes, making chocolates is my favorite around the holidays.

I write what I love to read! So the Coalition Mates series is a fun science fiction adventure, with a little humor and a lot of heat, I hope that you enjoy them!

Thanks so much for having me!

Sarah Marsh

Hot, yes? Need to check it out myself. Thank you, Sarah, for stopping by and introducing your book to us. I have the impression we’ll want many more to come after this one. Lol, that sounded kinda dirty…

Kisses and see you all next time!


Update, News and Giveaway Contest!

Update! Winner of giveaway is Wendy! Congrats! And yeah, reader’s choice was book 5, Enchanting His Mate.. .Better get to writing ! Thank you for participating everyone!

Giveaway closed.

I recently got a message from a reader asking me if I dropped off the face of the planet. My answer: Almost. Between changing 3 countries and 5 rents in the last 9 months and trying to keep up with day job and writing (not to mention being a bridesmaid for my sister), yeah, I sometimes felt more dead that alive. And never more alive. Life is weird.

I’m sorry to say I neglected most of my accounts (except Facebook. Who can neglect Facebook, she’s a demanding mistress!). But, but, but. I didn’t neglect writing. Mostly. So off to the news part of this ranting.

  1. Yes, I’m planning of continuing the Billy story. (For those who don’t know some of my friends and I had a what if  game going on at ManLoveFantasies. Check it out for the great stories or for the next contest coming soon.)
  2. Book 4 is out soon! What Book 4, you say? Return of the Originals, Drakon’s Angel is ready for preorder already, hehhehehe. Here’s some visual teasing:

Drakon’s Angel


3. I had more, I swear. Hmmm, what was it…? Contest Time! I need you to help me choose between my WIPs before I go crazy, lol. Each comment left will sign you in for my giveaway, one copy of Drakon’s Angel! The contest will run until the release day, 23rd September. This year, lol.

So which one should I finish writing first? These are the contenders:

  1. Enchanting His Mate– Yup, this is Book 5 in Return of the Originals. Already 15k in and going strong. Keep your fingers crossed! Here’s a teaser:

Who? Who? That was a voice! A male voice! Rugged and rasp from disuse or like the humans’ voices become from whisky and cigarettes. He could not guess the age, he could not see the person in his head, but the voice, that he heard clear as day. Oh. My. Gods!
He actually took a step forward, his legs quivering in jerky trembles as if he was pulled by an unseen force towards the green bushes at the garden’s entrance.
“Twinkie! Hell- Mallick!”
Mallick stopped as if he had hit a brick wall and let a pitiful whine full of –pain? He didn’t have time for this. He didn’t know what he was feeling, if it was him or the other person he felt in his head. He was more than confused and he needed time. Mallick also needed to focus and not forget what he needed to accomplish. The fate of the world was on his shoulders. Hopefully he’ll find allies here to share the burden.
“That’s the chapel with the remains of my family. You are free to visit it whenever you want.”
Mallick nodded, a dazed expression still on his face and followed rude guy in what appeared to be a small wing designated as a clinic. Or planned to follow. His entrance to what he had glimpsed as a small examination room suddenly was blocked by the hulking frame of a scowling blond mutant. The guy had to be a mutant with how build he was.

2. Fluffy Business- This is an older WIP, almost 20k in and has a more humorous tone in approaching a shifter-human pairing. First in a series of 5 books. Want a snippet?

I’m not really a dog person. Ugh. Scratch that. I’m not at all a dog person. I’m the typical cat lover. Ugh. That sounded so much better in my mind. Anyway, what I mean is that I don’t get all gaga over a dog. Sure they’re cute, and fluffy and adorable with their puppy dog eyes begging for attention and… You get my drift.

Dogs demand attention. And time and a lot of care. Cats are more independent. They do their thing and let you do yours. Peacefully. Usually (waking in the middle of the night with an enraged and hungry jaguarondi pouncing on your chest can and will give a man a small heart attack, but that’s a story for another time).

I was talking about dogs here before I divagated like I usually do. If you’re wondering what’s the point in all this, just bear with me a little more. Where was I? Ah, yes. Dogs and me liking them. Now, I can handle dogs. We get along just fine (usually), although we’re not the best of friends, they like me just fine. Especially since I’m the dinner provider and if they eat me they won’t get any food. We have some sort of agreement. They stop chewing my shoes and I don’t scream their ears off. I throw a walk a day in the bargain. My mistake.

Thus my present predicament. Running in the park after the big mutt. This monster goes by the name Fluffy if you believe it. Yeah, I don’t think he likes it either, he gets this annoyed look on his face, if a dog can look annoyed, and growls under his breath every time I call him that. So I save it for special occasions. Like now.

3. Moving Objects- Ghost story! Started this when I was living in Lincoln, practically on top of a cemetery. Fun, no? Yes, I’m weird.

He blinked and froze. His body recoiled but there was nowhere to go. Nowhere to run. He opened the mouth to scream and the blood rushed in his lungs, choking him while the grotesque face floating right in front of him like it was made of tick streams of the vital fluid suffocating him, sneered at him.

Adrian jumped and grunted at the hard impact with the wood floor, his ears ringing. He gulped desperately for air and filled his lungs while tightly squeezing his eyes shut.

“Dream, dream. Just a dream. A fucking dream. Okay. You’re okay, Addy. Everything is okay. Open your eyes. Don’t be a coward, there’s no blood. Christ!”

He tautly rubbed his face and pressed his fingers on his eye sockets, trying to curb the jittery tremors coursing through him and hysterically laughed at the neurotic spooked state he was in.

“Christ, you’re a mess, Addy! No wonder it took you so long to see what bloody Roger was hinting at- you ‘re slipping, my boy.”

He ignored the whispering doubt plaguing him from forever, the niggling thought that he’ll end up bat-shit crazy like his mom, that he won’t even know when it will happen. Another deep breath and he slowly removed his hands. The room looked better in the daylight. The green was less puke-hospital in his bare walls and appeared to give the room a fresh, springy feel. Probably because of the luxuriant ivy framing half the room and window. Adrian had never seen such a lush, coily mass of live greenness in a room before. It reminded him of the old greenhouse he had once saw as kid in an architecture magazine left on the chairs of a best left forgotten metro station. No wonder he was having nightmares with green stuff trying to make a meal of him.

WHICH ONE? And a thousand apologies for the lack of editing.

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Hop Against Homophobia, Bi- and Transphobia + Giveaway (Contest Ended)

Contest ended and Winner contacted! See you next year! Or sooner… I’m always around here, lolHAHABT 2015

Hello Internet Addicts!

It’s the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia today and you’re at  one of the blogs participating in the Hop Against Homophobia, Bi- and Transphobia. You can find more about this day here: http://dayagainsthomophobia.org/ and I highly recommend that you visit the other hop stops for a chance at all those prizes given today!

Main Hop Page: http://hopagainsthomophobia.blogspot.com

I was told that I should write a inspiring message concerning homo/bi/trans-phobia and frankly I don’t have a clue what to write. Probably because for me it’s common sense to be respectful of others and their lives or to accept my fellow humans with all their diversity and uniqueness. It would be such a dull world with everyone conforming to those pesky unwritten (sometimes written) rules that describe what “normal” is.

I am not gay. I think. Lol. My brain figured out a long time ago that little boxes are not for us (me and all those alternative personalities all authors have). Labels are just that. Little boxes that imprison our spirit and limit us and our development. I refuse to adopt a label but just for clarifying I am female, not attracted to male or females but to people and their shiny soul. Though I really really admire a well formed male body. Probably the reason I started writing gay romance.

I have never had to defend myself against homophobes or other kinds of ‘phobes. Sadly, I have friends not so lucky. Shunned, hit, marginalized and humiliated. I feel pity, but not for them. They are true to themselves and those still in the closet have good reasons for hiding considering the lame state the world is in. My pity is for their aggressors. It must be really sad to be so afraid of somebody else that you feel threatened and backed up in a corner with no other solution that to attack verbally or physically. “Phobia” is after all “a type of anxiety disorder, usually defined as a persistent fear of an object or situation in which the sufferer commits to great lengths in avoiding, typically disproportional to the actual danger posed, often being recognized as irrational.” I have some anxiety issues myself so I know how that is. So I pity them for their irrational fear, pity their narrowness and lack of  empathy, their incomplete soul that will forever know only the confines of their  small imagination, their lack of love and acceptance for it was probably copied from a close example and in the end they are the ones that lose the opportunity to connect with other human beings. For everyone that ever had to suffer because of narrow views, I urge them to remember that homophobes are the ones sick and love is never wrong or a crime (unless you’re a pedophile).

Alright, message finished or I’ll rant forever on the topic.

 Giveaway time!

Describe shortly in a message an instance when you felt discriminated or noticed someone else being discriminated, be it for the way they looked or their sexual orientation. I’ll even start.

I had blue hair for almost two years and people not only thought me weird, they were looking funny at me and making rude comments on the street  about my weight (we’re talking East Europe here and 18-22 age range). It took a long time to accept that they were wrong and I’m not a whale (I am size 12, for gods’ sake! Okay, currently leaning towards size 14 🙂 ) and I’m now trying to dye my hair purple.

The winner will be chosen randomly and announced on the 24th, please leave the message in such a way that I can contact you with your prize, alright?

Ah, what the prize is. The winner gets one of my published titles, any one of them that they want. You can check the titles here:


I’ll end this unusual long post for me with not a urge to stop Homophobia but

Say Stop! to any kind of Intolerance! 

You would have thought being civilized meant we had already learned to play nice.