Shameless promo and news, news, news ;)

Enchanting His Mate
Mallick’s life is a horror movie. A disappointment to his insane, sadistic father, he has never hoped for more than just survival. But he finds everything he never dared to dream of in the form of one broken, dead, and buried man. Of course, just his luck—his own mate can’t even stand the sight of him, not to mention the fact that he almost manages to kill Mallick on their first encounter.Adair shouldn’t be alive. He should have died with his mate more than two millennia ago. Yet here he is, and the one responsible for his awakening is none other than the son of his enemy. And why does the guy smell so enchanting? To say he reacts badly is an understatement.Is there any hope left for these two beaten souls? Will Mallick’s forbidden dreams finally come true? Or is his mate too broken to accept the second chance he’s been given?

So most of you know that Enchanting His Mate was 6 months ago and I’ve been slightly unproductive lately. My excuse is : life happens. Sorry. Good news though… hehehe. Gotta Love Dragons, book two in Fated series is almost done. Finally! Only one steamy sex scene left to write …  Hope you all like it, there are some surprises with it (surprised me too lol).

Now as for other news… I have one week off end of July and I plan on secluding myself, chained up in front of my laptop. To write. Write. Write.  This will be book Six in Return of the Originals. I know the pairing, I have sort of a plan already (I bought the booze and chocolate for desperate times when my muse is stubborn so yeah, all set.)

Wish me luck!




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