Hey there!

Wow, I can’t believe it was so long ago that I posted last here. live happens when you’re not looking is it not? a very busy year this now that’s for sure.  Hmm let’s see a recap:

February- published Big Bad Dragon

April-failed to publish the sequel Gotta Love Dragons. Oups!

ManLove Contests: Spring, Summer, Autumn and we’ll see about Winter. Various shirt stories that I need to see to from there.

After a really sickly winter-spring went home for three weeks (Romania)to find out there was a big flood and my newly remodeled house(mine and my sis’s, we did works on it for her wedding the previous year) well, almost got swepped away and for sure needs another remodeling (hint: my new fence had been relocated to my neighbour’s garden among other things).

Well, at least I finally saw the Black Sea this year, so that’s a plus. Gorgeous BTW.

Back to recap.

We’re at Summer. Ah yeah. The big 3-oh arrived….I have too manny white hairs for me to be only 30 lool, but yeah. Still caught me by surprise. My pug is 1 year too, he’s getting old. And fat. Definitely fat. Must be something in the air… *whistle whistle *

September- Bath is gorgeous! Stonehenge too! I never imagined while I was growing up that I’ll really get to see it!

October- Finished book 5 in Return of the Originals! It’s called Enchanting his Mate, still waiting for the publisher’s reply on that, wish me luck!

November- Got over-ambitious and started Nanowrimo. I’ll be dead by the end off the month most likely. Good news is that Gotta Love Dragons is now 11k so…Maybe maybe it’ll be done by the end of the month? Did the Warner Brother’s Studio tour  for fun (Harry Potter movies, lol, and little old me had seen only three of the movies. I’m surprised I didn’t get booed at. Fun fact, I kept picking stuff of Voldemort and Death Eathers’. Apparently, I find the bad guys cool or something hahaha. That wand picked me, I swear! ). Need to read some stories for the Rainbow Awards too, judging gig.

Insert dots dots at random intervals to replace that much hated thing called day job which got harder and harder this year.

Now gotta run. Need a new tea to stop my bloody cough and some motivation to open the laptop and write write write… Huh, maybe I’ll go with reading today.



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