Update, News and Giveaway Contest!

Update! Winner of giveaway is Wendy! Congrats! And yeah, reader’s choice was book 5, Enchanting His Mate.. .Better get to writing ! Thank you for participating everyone!

Giveaway closed.

I recently got a message from a reader asking me if I dropped off the face of the planet. My answer: Almost. Between changing 3 countries and 5 rents in the last 9 months and trying to keep up with day job and writing (not to mention being a bridesmaid for my sister), yeah, I sometimes felt more dead that alive. And never more alive. Life is weird.

I’m sorry to say I neglected most of my accounts (except Facebook. Who can neglect Facebook, she’s a demanding mistress!). But, but, but. I didn’t neglect writing. Mostly. So off to the news part of this ranting.

  1. Yes, I’m planning of continuing the Billy story. (For those who don’t know some of my friends and I had a what if  game going on at ManLoveFantasies. Check it out for the great stories or for the next contest coming soon.)
  2. Book 4 is out soon! What Book 4, you say? Return of the Originals, Drakon’s Angel is ready for preorder already, hehhehehe. Here’s some visual teasing:

Drakon’s Angel


3. I had more, I swear. Hmmm, what was it…? Contest Time! I need you to help me choose between my WIPs before I go crazy, lol. Each comment left will sign you in for my giveaway, one copy of Drakon’s Angel! The contest will run until the release day, 23rd September. This year, lol.

So which one should I finish writing first? These are the contenders:

  1. Enchanting His Mate– Yup, this is Book 5 in Return of the Originals. Already 15k in and going strong. Keep your fingers crossed! Here’s a teaser:

Who? Who? That was a voice! A male voice! Rugged and rasp from disuse or like the humans’ voices become from whisky and cigarettes. He could not guess the age, he could not see the person in his head, but the voice, that he heard clear as day. Oh. My. Gods!
He actually took a step forward, his legs quivering in jerky trembles as if he was pulled by an unseen force towards the green bushes at the garden’s entrance.
“Twinkie! Hell- Mallick!”
Mallick stopped as if he had hit a brick wall and let a pitiful whine full of –pain? He didn’t have time for this. He didn’t know what he was feeling, if it was him or the other person he felt in his head. He was more than confused and he needed time. Mallick also needed to focus and not forget what he needed to accomplish. The fate of the world was on his shoulders. Hopefully he’ll find allies here to share the burden.
“That’s the chapel with the remains of my family. You are free to visit it whenever you want.”
Mallick nodded, a dazed expression still on his face and followed rude guy in what appeared to be a small wing designated as a clinic. Or planned to follow. His entrance to what he had glimpsed as a small examination room suddenly was blocked by the hulking frame of a scowling blond mutant. The guy had to be a mutant with how build he was.

2. Fluffy Business- This is an older WIP, almost 20k in and has a more humorous tone in approaching a shifter-human pairing. First in a series of 5 books. Want a snippet?

I’m not really a dog person. Ugh. Scratch that. I’m not at all a dog person. I’m the typical cat lover. Ugh. That sounded so much better in my mind. Anyway, what I mean is that I don’t get all gaga over a dog. Sure they’re cute, and fluffy and adorable with their puppy dog eyes begging for attention and… You get my drift.

Dogs demand attention. And time and a lot of care. Cats are more independent. They do their thing and let you do yours. Peacefully. Usually (waking in the middle of the night with an enraged and hungry jaguarondi pouncing on your chest can and will give a man a small heart attack, but that’s a story for another time).

I was talking about dogs here before I divagated like I usually do. If you’re wondering what’s the point in all this, just bear with me a little more. Where was I? Ah, yes. Dogs and me liking them. Now, I can handle dogs. We get along just fine (usually), although we’re not the best of friends, they like me just fine. Especially since I’m the dinner provider and if they eat me they won’t get any food. We have some sort of agreement. They stop chewing my shoes and I don’t scream their ears off. I throw a walk a day in the bargain. My mistake.

Thus my present predicament. Running in the park after the big mutt. This monster goes by the name Fluffy if you believe it. Yeah, I don’t think he likes it either, he gets this annoyed look on his face, if a dog can look annoyed, and growls under his breath every time I call him that. So I save it for special occasions. Like now.

3. Moving Objects- Ghost story! Started this when I was living in Lincoln, practically on top of a cemetery. Fun, no? Yes, I’m weird.

He blinked and froze. His body recoiled but there was nowhere to go. Nowhere to run. He opened the mouth to scream and the blood rushed in his lungs, choking him while the grotesque face floating right in front of him like it was made of tick streams of the vital fluid suffocating him, sneered at him.

Adrian jumped and grunted at the hard impact with the wood floor, his ears ringing. He gulped desperately for air and filled his lungs while tightly squeezing his eyes shut.

“Dream, dream. Just a dream. A fucking dream. Okay. You’re okay, Addy. Everything is okay. Open your eyes. Don’t be a coward, there’s no blood. Christ!”

He tautly rubbed his face and pressed his fingers on his eye sockets, trying to curb the jittery tremors coursing through him and hysterically laughed at the neurotic spooked state he was in.

“Christ, you’re a mess, Addy! No wonder it took you so long to see what bloody Roger was hinting at- you ‘re slipping, my boy.”

He ignored the whispering doubt plaguing him from forever, the niggling thought that he’ll end up bat-shit crazy like his mom, that he won’t even know when it will happen. Another deep breath and he slowly removed his hands. The room looked better in the daylight. The green was less puke-hospital in his bare walls and appeared to give the room a fresh, springy feel. Probably because of the luxuriant ivy framing half the room and window. Adrian had never seen such a lush, coily mass of live greenness in a room before. It reminded him of the old greenhouse he had once saw as kid in an architecture magazine left on the chairs of a best left forgotten metro station. No wonder he was having nightmares with green stuff trying to make a meal of him.

WHICH ONE? And a thousand apologies for the lack of editing.

PS. I remembered! Will have another surprise release for you soon, so keep in touch! Yeah, that should apply to me too. I know, I know. Kisses! Ta-Ta


2 thoughts on “Update, News and Giveaway Contest!

  1. It has to be book 5 Enchanting his Mate for me, love this series and can’t wait to read this one as it will be ghe perfect birthday present to myself 💜


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