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A weekly blog hop featuring paranormal stories. From witches to werewolves, vampires to berserkers, you name  it we have it. This blog hop is open to authors and writers whose work is published or unpublished. We also welcome works-in-progresses/WIP’s! So join us each work and check out our cool stories!

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For today I’m presenting a snipped from my latest WIP,started it just this week and it’s proving to be something different and exciting to write! Hope you enjoy it!

Teaser– for you and for me (I have no idea how this book is gonna end :)))

He was running. The plants seemed to grow wild and stretch around him, a net of wriggling green trying to catch him, capture him and hold him still. His legs… He knew his legs were all wrong, he couldn’t feel his legs. He could feel the cold. He was trenching through water now. Muddy dark, inky with swirls of something he couldn’t name. The water was alive to, it held him fast too. He still tried, still struggled. By now he huffed, his breathing ragged with the exhaustion, his throat raw with the icy coldness seeping into him. He was drained of energy, moved like through molasses, flagging and close to collapsing. He could see each puff of air, a ghostly mist of white billowing from him. The mist was growing and growing until the sun was no longer there and the moon harshly shone down on him. He could not feel his arms now. His chest hurt and he was afraid. He was terrified as never before. He needed to get away, run faster, do something! He could do nothing. He knew that but he would rather die trying that give up and let him- What was it? He knew who was it? He was just behind him, waiting for Adrian’s steps to falter to catch him, to end him. Adrian won’t stop. Ever. The blasted water! It pulled and pushed, his legs slipped from under him and he fell into its embrace.

It was surprisingly warm and he could breathe better under its surface. There was darkness all around him, safe and quiet. The water was not water, but silk on his skin, prodding like ghostly butterfly caresses at the stinging wounds the plans had left behind when they had grabbed at him. He felt his body relax and his mouth stretched lazily in an awkward seldom used expression- he was smiling. He felt cocooned and protected as if embraced by the mother he had never known probably felt like. He felt his lids flutter and became aware that his eyes were closed, the reason why everything was a vastness of dark flickering. He wanted to see the silk; he just knew it was gorgeous, translucent and blinding in its brightness. Adrian eagerly opened them, his breath caught expectantly. He blinked and froze. His body recoiled but there was nowhere to go. Nowhere to run. He opened the mouth to scream and the blood rushed in his lungs, choking him while the grotesque face floating right in front of him like it was made of tick streams of the vital fluid suffocating him, sneered at him.

Adrian jumped and grunted at the hard impact with the wood floor, his ears ringing. He gulped desperately for air and filled his lungs while tightly squeezing his eyes shut.

“Dream, dream. Just a dream. A fucking dream. Okay. You’re okay, Addy. Everything is okay. Open your eyes. Don’t be a coward, there’s no blood. Christ!”

He tautly rubbed his face and pressed his fingers on his eye sockets, trying to curb the jittery tremors coursing through him and hysterically laughed at the neurotic spooked state he was in.

“Christ, you’re a mess, Addy! No wonder it took you so long to see what bloody Roger was hinting at- you ‘re slipping, my boy.”

He ignored the whispering doubt plaguing him from forever, the niggling thought that he’ll end up bat-shit crazy like his mom, that he won’t even know when it will happen. Another deep breath and he slowly removed his hands. The room looked better in the daylight. The green was less puke-hospital in his bare walls and appeared to give the room a fresh, springy feel. Probably because of the luxuriant ivy framing half the room and window. Adrian had never seen such a lush, coily mass of live greenness in a room before. It reminded him of the old greenhouse he had once saw as kid in an architecture magazine left on the chairs of a best left forgotten metro station. No wonder he was having nightmares with green stuff trying to make a meal of him! His brain must have noticed the plant even if Adrian had been to tired and ready to crash to acknowledge its existence.  It wasn’t bad. That magazine had been the source of many dreams and hopes for a long time. He decided he liked it, nightmare notwithstanding. It was unique and probably unwanted if the owner had dumped it in a new tenant’s room.

“No worries, honey. I’ll take care of you. I bet you’ll like a bit of fresh breeze ruffling those luscious leaves of yours. Darlings like you should be outside, not confide to dusty old rooms. We’ll make do, you and I, won’t we? I promise not to intrude much on your space.” He went and opened the big window facing the backyard, needing himself a fresh gulp of air. The room felt stifling hot. Adrian sighed his pleasure and let his head fall back, inviting the wind in. The voices under his window took care of his feeble attempt at relaxing.

“Nah, I don’t think so. Aiken’s not the type.”

“Sylvie, I don’t think you’re an Aiken expert. The dude practically runs the other way when you enter a room!”

“Well, if you weren’t such a minger maybe you would have managed to land that mouthy tart already and I wouldn’t have to wish that I would grow a penis for that nutter to notice me! Aiken is a nancy. Hey, I have an idea. Maybe it’ll work if you drop the towel. For sure my tits didn’t even make him blink.”

Adrian pulled back and frowned in confusion. He was sure that he had heard Sylvie’s name somewhere else. He leaned a bit, trying to see but they were under him, on some sort of veranda build in the house. Sylvie- wasn’t she one of the other housemates? He heard a resounding slap and her cry. What the-

“Now. Remember who told you about this and who has paid for your gorgeous tits, lovely Sylvie. We wouldn’t want anything happening to the lovelies or to your pretty face would we?”

Um, he didn’t like what he was hearing. Bloody hell, had he managed to land his ass in a bigger mess than the one he had left behind? A door screeched and the voices under him quieted with the new person’s intrusion. Adrian shivered at the low bass voice reverberating through him.

“Hey, guys!  Enjoying the morning? Hope you had a nice time last night, Sylvie- Bloody hell, who hit you? Who was the fucker?”

Adrian retreated further away from the window and his impromptu spy session. He carefully stepped on the oak tick boards, knowing from experience that a house as old as this probably had squeaky floors alerting everybody to his movements. It had been one of the reasons that had made him not look any further that the 17th century old mansion, despite the fact that half of it was a construction site. Hard for anyone to surprise him when the floors moved around under their feet. He choose to ignore that the painter had surprised the hell out of him last night, putting the blame for that on his exhausted state. Bloody hell, but it was hot in here! He brushed the hair out of his face, no longer interested in the strange happenings from downstairs and more worried about the window frame and the odd angle it was bending into. His hands rubbed at his pulsing forehead and even his overheated body could feel the high temperature burning through his skin. He didn’t get the time to ponder to much on this for the shiny floor wanted to say hello and welcome him with a second hard thud for this morning. This time he stayed down, the ringing in his ears downed by a weird stating and his mind groggy and confused. He started shivering, the room icy as the blasted Arctic Pole. Feeling drowsy and drained, he closed his eyes and curled in a tight ball. He’ll get up later, he’ll eat, buy some medicine and go back to sleeppp…


Scared a bit? I know I am, and I’m the one holding the reins to this story! Though sometimes I wonder…

You can find my other books here:

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A weekly blog hop featuring paranormal stories. From witches to werewolves, vampires to berserkers, you name it we have it. This blog hop is open to authors and writers whose work is published or unpublished. We also welcome works-in-progresses/WIP’s! So join us each work and check out our cool stories!

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