New projects coming!

For anyone that wondered where I was- I know there haven’t been a lot of you, lol- I’m back. Semi-active on the internet, after a month of radio silence, so to speak. Moved to UK, loving it. Probably (hopefully) it’ll be good for my writing. Seems to be so far.. Meaning I have a new story started and finally cooled down enough to start writing again after all the move craziness.

For fans that await the next book in Return of the Originals, sorry! I have started it, mid-way through it. It’s just… I know, no excuses. But still, Finished another one for a new series. It involves gods and hunky dragons, a cheeky human drag queen… Forgiven? And the other new story… Let me just tell you I’m beginning to be afraid of sleeping in my new home.

I wanted to write something like this images

and it ended up more like this images.

A lot of the story is inspired by my move to English soil (and a leaky pipe in the wall of my bedroom. Still slowly dripping right now…).

It’s something a bit new for me, but I’m having fun and liking what I have so far. Hopefully I won’t be the only one, lol.

Um, what else? To all my internet friends-sorry! I am a lousy friend that doesn’t know how to stay in touch. I know, I know!

Name my punishment and I’ll submit to your whims.


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