His Imperfect Mate, book 3 update and News!

His Imperfect Mate, aj-roto-hisimperfectmate3my new release, seems to be doing fine, much more that I expected it. And book four is not finished yet…Sorry! I’ve been sick the last 2 weeks! The good news that I wanted to share is that I have 3 novels half finished that I’m trying to finish this month. One is book 4 in Return of the Originals while the other two are brand new series! They were supposed to be standalones but apparently I’m incapable of writing standalones :).

One is Fluffy Business which I already announced in my About page on my weebly . Going well , but has some characters that are just asking for it, hehehe.

The other one is a short story that I wanted to self publish free for Valentine’s. Yeah, well. The short story is now over 20k and my main character has developed a rare condition- he got himself a yummy twin, So, my short standalone story is at least 2 books now. One a ménage from what I see- that twin is a kinky beast!

Will update with blurbs! And titles! Going back to writing now.

Yes, he’s the link to the release with the pretty picture http://www.bookstrand.com/node/883482


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