This was the alternative interview I did for MM Winter Contest! Be sure to check it out and see what amazing gifts are in store for you at

I was sure I’ll get a bit intimidated face to face with him so I searched the Google for an appropriate (or not so) way of questioning a close mouthed bastard as Bain Conner. And yes, I admit it. I’m not intimidated, more like flustered. Sue me, I have a thing for big guys with bigger… personality!

I present you Bain Conner, main fantasy material from Good for Me and his thoughts for the coming year:

 What do you want most to achieve during the next year?

Bain: “To keep up. College, yes. But mostly, I want to keep up with Tyler and that quirky brain of his. He keeps me on my toes. “

Should I even ask how your love life is shaping to be?

Bain:  (amused smirk)
“ You can but I’m not promising to answer. We’re doing good, ups and downs, but good. He’s still skittish. I hope to fix that in the future but it’s gonna take time.”

I understand that you’re thinking about changing homes. Does Tyler know?
Bain: “No and he won’t until it’s a done deal. I’ll be moved and settled before he realizes what’s happening. I already talked to his brother, he has some plans of his own and thinking about moving out. Probably until Valentine’s day. It’s all coming along pretty well and nobody will warn Tyler. Right?”
(glares and growls in my direction)

You don’t need to frown that hard. Now Bain, please tell your fans what would you like to see most during the next year? Any New Year’s resolutions you care to share?
Bain: (grimace)
“I don’t have fans.”

Pouting doesn’t suit you.
Bain: (impressive growl, followed by an equally impressive muscle flexing)
“I’m not pouting! Did Tyler talk to you lately?”

Tyler had talked to me lately but I’m not telling what he said. Just a friendly advice, buy lots a lube! Hehehe
Bain: (ignores me and the blush climbing up his neck)
“About my resolutions. Most of them depend on Tyler. I really want that man to stop running but it probably won’t happen next year or even next decade,”
(We hear the sound of smashed glass and a bang, Tyler’s voice muttering in the background. Bain smirks when cell phones are being mentioned.)

Aren’t you worried he’s hurt himself? He seems a bit clumsy in the kitchen.
Bain: “Nah, he probably just dropped his cell phone in the sink or in a pot. He likes to kill them by drowning.  I think it’s his 5th one this year. I’m more worried about my future indigestion after I eat what he’s cooking.”

On the bright side, cooking you a home meal is a big effort on his part.
Bain: “That’s why I’ve bought three different indigestion drugs in advance. I’m gonna eat what he’s burning if it kills me.”

But you know how to cook. Why haven’t you told him?
Bain: “Who told you that? Don’t tell Tyler yet. He’s trying really hard to do something nice and considerate, nobody messes with his feelings!”
(He growls again and just looks yummy with that dangerous vibe all around him)
“Is this interview done yet? I want to see if the kitchen is still intact.”

No, it isn’t. You’re supposed to tell everybody what would you like to see in the new year. What  is your New Year resolution?
Bain: “Fine”
(Pouting does make Bain resemble a big teddy bear. He’s obviously anxious to check on Tyler.)
“I want Tyler happy. My resolution is that I’ll do anything to make that happen.”

His blush becomes more pronounced and he shrugs it off. I couldn’t believe that the big intimidating hunk was so cheesy.)

“I also want to see his step father getting hit in the balls and the moron that attacked him last moth behind bars.”

Errr. I’ll see what I can do.
Bain: “(He stops frowning and we both jump a bit when a new crash and a loud ouch is heard from the kitchen)
“You better stop him before he kills himself.

(But I was already talking to Bain’s back as he hurried to save his boyfriend of just four months from being murdered by an uncooperative kitchen.)

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